To celebrate Dry July we’re giving away our 700ml Brunswick Aces Spades and Hearts blends*, in return for a minimum $10 donation to the Christchurch based non-profit Drug-ARM.

Drug-ARM provides support, education and counselling to men and women dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. You may have already seen Drug-ARM doing street outreach and providing meals and drinks to those in need.

A donation of $40 today can provide food for 1 night through their Street Outreach programme. While $80 can provide 1 counselling session to someone in need. So please give as much as you are able today to support Dry July and Drug-ARM.

* $1.00 from every donation will go to The Nephalist, to keep the website running

Please choose which Brunswick Aces blend you’d like to try, in support of Drug-ARM and Dry July.